Understanding credit card chargebacks

Want to know how credit card chargebacks work? We've got you covered below!

What Is a Credit Card Chargeback?

A credit card chargeback is a transaction returned to a shopper after that shopper successfully disputes a transaction. A chargeback may occur on either debit cards (and the underlying bank account) or credit cards. Chargebacks can be granted to a shopper for a variety of reasons. However, in the context of payments, this typically happens after a shopper claims a transaction resulted from fraud.

How Are Chargebacks Handled with AndDone?

When a chargeback is initiated, AndDone will remit a settled payment that will be returned to the shopper as a chargeback. AndDone does not automatically debit your account to recover these funds. Instead, you will receive an email from support@anddone.com with a payback link to reimburse AndDone.

As an agent, you have two options to complete the payment link. You can either complete the payment yourself or forward it to the shopper. The payment link will be configured to match the exact amount for the transaction and accept either ACH or card.


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