How do I initiate a partial refund?

Trying to request a partial refund? We've got you covered below!

How to Initiate a Partial Refund 

  1. Once you have logged into the portal (click here to reach the login page), access the payments dashboard by clicking on "Payments" located in the navigation bar on the left side of the portal. Select the transaction that you would like to initiate a partial refund for by clicking on the desired transaction. 


  2. Within the payment details, select "Refund" in order to initiate either a full or partial refund. 


  3. In this example, we will initiate a partial refund by selecting "Partial Refund of $," entering the desired partial refund amount, and clicking on "Refund."


  4. After selecting "Refund," select a reason for the refund from the drop-down menu and add any relevant additional details. Click "Confirm" to initiate the refund. 


Click here to learn how to initiate a full refund.  

If you need assistance or have further questions, please refer to our self-service Knowledge Base!