How do I Access Bulk Payments Data?

The article below will teach you how to download bulk payments data greater than 2,000 transactions.

How to Access Bulk Payment Data

  1. In order to download payment data for less than 2,000 transactions, simply click on "Export" on the top right of the payments dashboard. After selecting "Export," you may choose from either .csv format for excel or .pdf format Excel. The payment data will automatically begin downloading and will be accessible from your downloads folder. 


  2. For more than 2,000 transactions, you must submit a support request to view and download bulk payment data . When more than 2,000 transactions are queried in the payments portal, a text box will prompt the user to submit a support request. 


  3. After selecting "Take me to Support," your information including your name, email, subject, and support message will auto-populate. Although there is no need to make any changes to these pre-populated fields, you have the option to make changes or add any further details. Click on "Send Ticket" and a download link containing your bulk payments will be sent to your email.


If you need assistance or have further questions, please refer to our self-service Knowledge Base!